What size potting shed do I need?

If you’re contemplating getting a potting shed, you can look forward to a number of benefits, including the obvious one of having more storage space.

But it’s worth bearing in mind that there are other advantages, too, including a potentially enhanced property value, a space that can also be used as a summerhouse, not to mention quicker and easier access to the tools you need.

And, subject to a number of conditions, including, for example, that you only use your shed for domestic purposes, you shouldn’t need planning permission.

One thing we’re often asked is how big a potting shed should be. This isn’t always an easy question to answer given the various factors involved, from costs and materials to available space. And there are never any hard and fast rules, although if you are replacing an existing structure, clearly this makes life easier since you already know what works.

Here, we try and give a few pointers to help you make your decision.

6ft Potting Pent (6ft)

What style of shed?

As well as the size of shed, think about its style. A solution such as a lean-to model could mean you won’t need to use as much garden space, while corner sheds are also highly space-efficient.

What are you using it for?

Are you planning on spending a lot of time in your shed? What will you be storing in it? Will you just be keeping seed trays and pots or will you be adding furniture, tools and perhaps a barbecue?

Clear space around it

For ease of access when your shed is being fitted or maintained, keep a clear 18” around all sides of the structure. Don’t forget to include room for any overhang, and room for doors or windows to open – these need additional space.

Equally, a reverse apex roof, which slopes down towards the door, can also save you space. (Some metal sheds even have sliding doors, which again maximise room.)

Essentially, it’s always worth considering the biggest shed your garden size and budget will allow. As a general guide, while a small potting shed typically measures 6” by 4”, a bigger storage-type structure might measure 8” by 6” and a workshop goes up to 8” by 10”.

At Shed Monkey, we have various sizes of potting shed to suit all spaces – small, medium and large – and can advise on what might go well in your garden. Talk to us today.

20x6 Power Pent Potting Shed Double Doors