Thinking about buying a NEW garden building but are unsure what all the different options and features mean? Our handy shedology guide will help explain all the components to ensure you choose the right garden shed, security shed, potting shed, wooden workshop or bike shed.
Welcome to the World of Shedology.

To be sure that you consider all you need to know when you’re choosing a garden shed, we’ve thought about everything you could ever want!

We have compiled just a few key features to help you make the right decision when buying .

Floor &

Floor – All of our wooden buildings feature an 12mm tongue and groove floor, offering a sturdy foundation for years.

Bearers – Our wooden floor bearers run underneath the shed floor to provide extra support, as well as raising it off the ground to increase airflow.

Framing &

Framing – Our 44x28mm framing features four rounded edges to reduce the risk of splinters. We also fit as standard corner panel bracing to strengthen the structure.

Cladding – We only use one type of cladding, 12mm tongue and groove and shiplap clad that’s FSC certified.

Windows &

Windows – All of our windows are pre- glazed with toughened glass, beaded and fitting onto a plastic window sill to prevent water ingress.

Doors – Our doors have ‘Z’ Shaped framing internally – this method of framing adds structural support, preventing sagging. Doors are cladded with a 12mm tongue and groove board that runs vertical and secured with a key lockable lock.

Roof Materials &
Roof Covering.

Roof Material – All of our roofs are made with 12mm tongue & groove boarding that adds additional strength.

Roof Covering – We supply extra high grade polyester mineral roofing felt as standard with all of our wooden buildings, protect against weather for years.

Cover Trims &
Facia Boards.

Cover Trims – Our buildings are supplied with cover trims, these are used when you  join two panels together – This improves appearance and prevents water ingress.

Fascia Boards– Finish with style, that’s why we include fascia boards to sandwich the felt between the building – Finials are supplied to cover the join and add a decorative finish.

Wood Preserver &

Wood Preserver – We dip treat every component meaning the timber has been submerged with a basecoat treatment, this protects the wood from rot.

Colour – We only use golden oak, this is a light and natural colour that can be painted over with a quality coating of your choice.

Toughened Glass

12mm Tongue & Groove Shiplap

Strong 44x28 Framework

'Z' Braced Door

Stronger Floors

Polyester Mineral Felt on Shed Roof

Polyester Roofing Felt

Detail Fascia Boards on Apex Shed

Fascia Boards

UK's Most Adaptable Shed

Buying a SHED MONKEY. Arrange and fit any wall panel how you want.
Shed monkey adapts to your home & garden.

Place the door where you want. The windows where you want, its that simple!

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