It’s a bank holiday every day at Shedmonkey.
What a strange world we’re in. Half of us are sat happily loving our worn out shed for too long and the other half bought the wrong one last time and now want another to make your garden complete. Either way, it’s all about finding that perfect shed that will bring storage or workplace where we had none and make the garden just that little bit better.
The stranger thing is that we start the search and end up more focussed on bagging a bargain in a sale than making a choice that will truly make us happy for longer. Why? Because we are all conditioned to love a great deal…
Don’t rush, find your perfect garden shed.
At Shedmonkey, low prices don’t just happen at bank holidays or in the sale, the idea of great value isn’t new. It’s the idea of getting a lot and paying a little and it’s something that we all find great satisfaction in. Paying less is great and getting more is even better, in fact it’s the whole basis of why sales and promotions work.
The thing is, what’s wrong with getting great value 365 days a year? Why can’t we have the lower price every day instead of just some days? We gave this a lot of thought and realised there was no reason at all. We realised that the endless sales and endless deadlines to buy were actually creating less value and not more. Really you say? Yes! Yes, because in order to lower those prices to the sale prices, we found that in the shed market, it was generally because they were raised higher just before the sale.
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