If you’re in the market for a garden shed, one thing you may have realised early on is the vast array of shed styles available. It seems there’s a shed for almost any purpose. In this post, we will examine the main types of and best garden sheds for sale Shed Monkey. So whether you need a bike shed, a workshop, a general-purpose shed, or something more exotic, you’ll have all the details to make an informed purchase.

General-purpose sheds

General-purpose sheds are available in two major designs: apex or pent. An apex shed has a traditional ‘V’ shaped roof with two angled sides, while a pent shed has a single sloped roof. This design of shed is ideal for storing small tools and equipment, or for use as a study or getaway. General-purpose sheds also tend to be more affordable than their larger counterparts and are one of the best garden sheds for sale.

8x4 Power Apex Double Doors

Bike sheds

As its name suggests, a bike shed is purposely designed for keeping bikes out of the wind and rain. You can select from either a windowless bike shed, or opt for those with windows. Bike sheds are available in different sizes, from sheds that can store a single bike, to those that can store multiple.

Bike Shed with bike inside


Garden workshop sheds tend to be larger than traditional general-purpose sheds. The reason is simple: they allow you to store plenty of tools and other equipment. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, a wooden workshop will give you all the space you need away from the main house. The majority of garden workshops have an apex roof design, which is advantageous if you like to store tall equipment. However, you may also encounter larger pent garden sheds for sale.

20x8 Power Apex

Corner sheds

If like many people you want to maximise space in your garden, a corner shed is a worthwhile investment. This style is great for gardens with complex layouts, or for gardens that have limited space. This shed style will also provide enough storage space for tools and equipment while having a more subtle design than even our general-purpose, best garden sheds for sale.

Potting sheds

Like many people, if you enjoy growing plants in your garden, you could benefit from a potting shed. Available with large windows to catch the sun (and generate the required ‘greenhouse effect’), they have enough space for your tools, plus plenty of shelving to display potted plants. The majority of our potting garden sheds for sale are fairly compact, although there is some variation in size if you shop around.

6x6 Power Pent Potting Shed Double Doors


Ideal for relaxing and creating additional living space, summerhouses tend to have large windows and plenty of space to accommodate seating. If you like to entertain friends in your garden or relax after a hard day’s work, this style of shed is ideal. They are available in a variety of sizes, from smaller garden sanctuaries to very large sheds capable of housing multiple people.