As summer winds down, it’s time to look to planting bulbs ready for the spring and preparing your garden for the colder months.

Whether you’re an experienced gardener with flower beds fit for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, or you’ve got budding green fingers, having the best garden tools and gardening storage will make the job much easier!

Sculpt perfect lawn edges with an edging knife, keep shrubbery contained with hedge sheers and plant home grown vegetables with the help of a trowel.

With these essential tools, you’ll have a garden your neighbours will be envious of in no time!

Gardening tools & plants with soil

1) Spade

A must in any gardeners shed, a spade is a basic tool you can use for general digging or turning over soil. A quality spade will make garden maintenance far easier, especially with firmer soil.

2) Rake

With autumn on the horizon, you’ll be able to keep on top of clearing falling leaves with a trusty rake. It’s great for removing dead grass and garden debris from tricky areas that are hard to reach.

3) Hand Trowel

Small but mighty, a hand trowel is an essential tool for gardeners of all levels of expertise. Use it to help with planting flowers, removing weeds, transporting seedlings or even cutting through roots.

4) Secateurs

You can’t be without a reliable pair of pruners! They’ll make keeping on top of constant maintenance a breeze, like cutting tree stems to encourage growth or taming brambles.

5) Edging Knife

Neatening the edges of your lawn after mowing it makes all the difference, and helps to stop grass from extending into your flower beds. If a manual method is not your style, consider investing in an electric strimmer to shape your lawn.

6) Hedge Sheers

A staple for keeping your shrubbery and trees under control. Keep a plastic bucket nearby to collect trimmings as you go.

7) Paving Knife

If you have a patio in your garden, or you have more of a ‘yard-en’, you’ll know how annoying those pesky weeds between the stones can get. With a patio knife, you’ll be able to cut through roots in narrow gaps. It’s also a pet-friendly alternative to a chemical based weed killer.

And of course, no gardener is complete without a good pair of gloves to protect those green fingers!

Garden tools hanging on the wall

How to look after garden tools

Once you’ve invested in quality tools that will last, it doesn’t end there.

You’ll want to keep them in good condition so you can use them year after year. Clean them thoroughly after use – you can use white spirit to remove any stubborn stains.

Treat any wooden handles with linseed oil and store them in a cool, dry place to prevent rust… like a garden shed or Log Cabin!