Whether it’s home to tools, hardware, or just a spot to stop and think; sheds are a staple part of most gardens. But when it comes to deciding on which type is right for you, it can be difficult to settle on a build that fits your unique needs. So, which shed is best for the modern homeowner?

Number 1 – Wood

Of course, it’s hard to beat a classic and there could never be any doubt that the wooden shed was going to come top of our list. A perennial favourite for a reason, wood not only looks fantastic but is a great all-rounder for strength, utility, and overall versatility. Available in a range of styles and shapes, every build is unique and can add value by protecting the items within and looking gorgeous at the bottom of your garden.

Stained Wood Panels


Attractive: No matter what it’s used for, a wooden shed will always stand out come rain or shine. And if you get tired of it, a quick coat of stain or paint can completely transform it in an afternoon.

Durable: For centuries, timber has been used to create strong, secure dwellings and your shed is no different. Whether it is buffeting winds, pelting hail, or even forced entry, a well-built wooden shed is more than up to the task.


Upkeep: A wooden shed’s natural timbers do require regular maintenance to get the most out of them – whether it’s by varnishing, rot treatment, or parts replacement. Luckily, most modern hardware stores stock all-in-one coatings that can significantly delay or prevent damage entirely; keeping it pristine for longer.

In short: A timeless classic that can’t be beaten.

Number 2. Plastic

A flexible option for those looking for a no-fuss approach, plastic sheds have grown in popularity over the last decade – advances in moulding and design have made them a perfectly viable alternative to conventional metal or wood structures. Often built to order, plastic can be a fantastic addition to your garden, providing that it’s right for the job you have in mind.


Plastic fantastic: Plastic is not only lightweight but invulnerable to rust, rot and air exposure. A plastic shed will not need ‘touch-ups’ and – aside from the odd hose down to remove dirt – can normally be cleaned inside and out within an hour.

Weather resistant: Waterproof by nature, it’s no surprise that plastic sheds are popping up more often throughout the British Isles. The material’s semi-elastic nature means that it can also resist frost and even cope well with extremes of heat.


Durability: Plastic’s great price comes at the cost of strength. If you live in an area that suffers heavy winds or it’s placed near a tree line, your new shed could be in danger of getting damaged.

Security: You’ll also need to take into account its lack of durability. If you are planning on storing valuable tools, the only thing standing between an intruder and your bike will likely be a padlock. While this can be reinforced with metal, it will increase your final cost.

In short: An excellent pick for those with specific needs.

Number 3. Metal

Increasingly popular in gardens and industrial sites, a metal shed is often very quick to erect, and this high degree of flexibility means it can also be broken down quickly – allowing you to move your shed to catch the sun or provide shelter throughout the year for plants and tools.

Corrugatted metal


Robust: Metal is a lot more hardy than frangible plastic or even fibrous timber. This makes it perfect for high-use sites or storing valuable items at night and preventing damage from weather or from regular use.

Value: A metal shed is produced using cheaper elements but still provides an attractive finish.


Maintenance: While metal sheds may not rot or fragment, they can be very vulnerable to rust if exposed to the elements. While this can be mitigated by applying a vinyl or galvanised coating to the exterior, metal such as tin can quickly suffer under inclement weather.

What you see is what you get: Unlike other types of shed, metal is hard to modify and even a skilled professional can be left with something that is weaker than before.

In short: A good choice for those on a budget.