With the school holidays starting, it’s the ideal time to transform your shed into a hobby room for the kids to enjoy! Leave technology in the house and give them the space to immerse themselves in their hobbies.

You can create a fantastic garden escape where they can express themselves (and give you a bit of peace and quiet too!). An outdoor hobby room is also a great solution if you’re tight on space and want to keep the house clutter free. Armed with inspiration from Pinterest, creating a hobby room is easy and cost-effective.

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What can I use a hobby room for?

Every child is unique, so what you include in their hobby room will depend on their own interests. Asking for their ideas will make them feel involved in the process and make the space truly theirs.

Are they fascinated by D.I.Y projects? Do they love to create their own science experiments? Are they a bookworm?

For example, budding artists would love an art studio to explore their creative side. If they have a musical flare, you could create a dedicated space for rehearsing. A multi-functional playroom will give them a space to keep their imaginations active.

How to set up a hobby room


Before anything else, you’ll want to make sure that you have a qualified electrician work their magic. By adding lighting, you’ll be able to utilise the space all year round. Including lamps can help to make the space feel bigger and brighter, too.

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Fit easy to clean flooring such as flooring for added protection. Plastic sheeting will give you added peace of mind if it’s an art studio. Consider adding rugs to make the space feel more inviting.


A simple coat of paint is an effective way of transforming your garden shed into a colourful space. Go with one solid colour, or create stripes for a bold look. You an update the colour scheme as your children get older and their tastes change.

Paint Brushes & Paint Roller covered in browned paint


Adding plenty of storage will help to keep the room tidy and easy to use. For example, you could include a bookcase, pegboards, storage cubes or boxes. Attach any units to the wall for safety. Encourage your kids to get creative with labelling drawers to keep them organised.

Work Surfaces

Set up a workstation for your kids to make their creations. Choose an option which makes the most of your space. Large, rectangular tables will give them plenty of space to work on. Other options, like corner desks or even fold away tables, will help to save space. A fold away table will allow also the space to be multifunctional.

Tip: don’t forget about messy little hands – be sure to invest in wipeable surfaces or coverings to protect your furniture.

Fun ways to add interest to your hobby room:

  • Create display areas for their work using clipboards or string and pegs. Alternatively, a corkboard is a great way for your kids to hang their artwork proudly.
  • Battery powered fairly lights will add sparkle and a magical feel, making it a space they’ll love spending time in.
  • Adding mirrors is a great way of making the space feel bigger.
  • Indoor plants, or even false ones, will add colour and a touch of nature to their play area.

And when it’s time to go back to school, it can be used as a relaxing place to do homework in or hangout with friends at the weekend.

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