Knowing the differences between apex and pent garden sheds is essential when you are looking to purchase a new shed. One thing you will need to consider right from the start is whether to opt for an ‘pent roof’ shed or a ‘apex roof’ shed. These two options refer to the style of roof and is one of the most important decisions to make when buying any shed. They help protect the interior from the elements and the type of roof impacts on the appearance of a shed. Since there is no superior type of shed, your decision will likely come down to other factors. That said, below we provide all the details you need to make an informed decision when buying your perfect garden shed. 

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What is a Pent Shed Roof?

A pent roof is a type of hip roof. This roof style has a sloping side that features a horizontal header. It is similar to the gable roof in that the sloping part is usually a peak. However, unlike the gable roof, the horizontal part of the pent roof is at the peak. The main purpose of this roof design is to give a shed a modern, sleek appearance.

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What is an Apex Roof?

An Apex roof or sometimes known as a gable roof, will give a shed a more traditional look. The main difference is that the roof slopes from side to side unlike a pent roof that slopes top to bottom instead. Apex roofs tend to be more common on garden sheds instead compared to pent roofs. Let’s explore the purpose of each roof design and their features.

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What is the Purpose of a Pent Shed Roof?

Pent roof garden rooms are a lot more compact, and sit better where there’s lots of trees, against a wall or fence. As pent roof buildings tuck away easier, you will get some more space in the garden especially if it is on the smaller side.

What is the Purpose of an Apex Shed Roof?

With an apex roof, you need a space where the building can proudly stand tall and free. As this style is high in height, it may be more difficult to conceal.

Pros & Cons of a Pent Shed Roof

Pent styles differ from apex in that they have one single sloped roof. This makes them suitable for storing smaller or medium-sized equipment. The design is also suited if you need to restrict the height of your shed, either due to neighbouring properties or to match the overall look and feel of your garden.

The slightly angled roof on a pent shed allows water to flow freely away from the shed. By positioning your shed to maximise the local environment, it is possible to have water run off into a drain, reducing the risk of minor flooding.

The pent shed roof is very durable. It is resistant to leaks and can tolerate a wide range of climatic conditions, withstanding strong winds and heavy snowfall. It can also withstand high heat and intense sunlight. It’s also very easy to maintain and it can be cleaned with a water hose. The roof will not deteriorate over time and it will last for years without needing repairs. Although, like any other roof, the pent shed roof requires maintenance. However, it is very easy to maintain.

Pros & Cons of a Apex Shed Roof

An apex shed is perhaps what first comes to mind when most people think about garden sheds. Visit any specialist shed website and you will immediately be greeted with countless apex sheds for sale.

An apex shed has the classic angled ‘V’ design where the roof slopes down on either side. This provides the shed with additional height in the centre of the structure.

As a result, an apex shed has a distinct advantage over a pent shed if you are wanting to store tall items. The design can also be beneficial if you like to work inside your shed and set up shelving to store equipment. The apex roof will create a natural walkway down the middle of the shed, providing ample headroom.

When it begins to rain, an apex shed has a natural slope that quickly dissipates water from the roof, helping to keep the structure of the shed stronger for longer. This also prevents damage to the roof and reduces unnecessary maintenance.

Final Words: Which One To Choose

When selecting a shed for your garden, it is important to not only consider the size and style of the shed, but also the price and required level of maintenance. 

A pent shed roof is a great choice for those who are looking for something modern, and also pent roof sheds are more compact in height so they sit better under trees or other height restrictions you may have in your garden.

Alternatively, an apex shed will provide you with a more traditional, classic appearance and will give more height inside the center of the shed.

Besides your personal preference in terms of the appearance of the shed, there are a number of practical considerations to take into account as well, namely: what is the intended use? You may wish to use the shed for storage, as a ‘man cave’, a study or summerhouse, or even for growing potted plants. Finally You may need to consider additional factors as well, such as the width or height of the door, the floor space, the build quality, and the method of delivery.

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