A Winter Gardeners Guide

Winter is not a good time of year for the amateur horticulturist. With fading flowers and lingering frost, it can be a real challenge to stay motivated. Each visit to the garden / allotment means wrapping up in three layers of clothing, and unless you are extremely dedicated, probably makes you question if it’s all worth the effort.

For most of us, the cold weather is not especially enjoyable to work in, nor is it kind to those plants you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. This is where a Potting Shed could be the ideal solution for you to carry on your gardening passion through the chilly months.

Frozen yellow plant in garden

Why Get a Potting Shed?

A potting shed is a small garden building that is purpose built with the gardeners needs in mind. Unlike a greenhouse which is usually designed solely to store and grow plants, the potting shed offers a pleasant and comfortable space where you can actively work and/or relax as well as store, grow and protect plants from the elements.

Wooden potting sheds offer the most natural insulation; it is far superior to the greenhouse and also to metal potting sheds, both of which will attract more condensation and frost during cold spells. As well as protecting your plants and seedlings, a wooden potting shed will offer you the best all-round level of comfort.

Our Jewel Potting Shed comes in a range of dimensions, and the size you opt for will likely depend on how much space you have available, what your requirements are and of course what your budget is. All sheds in this range are fitted with 4 x 45 degree tilted windows spanning the length of the shed, and a purpose-built shelf designed to position your pots beneath the glass to expose them to the maximum amount of sunlight.

6ft Potting Pent (6ft)

Things to Consider When Buying a Potting Shed

So you’ve decided a potting shed is for you, but no doubt you have a few questions and concerns. Here are a few basic points to consider when you are thinking of buying a new potting shed;



As a keen gardener, you’ll know that most plants thrive in the sunlight, and as such it is best to place in a spot that will offer maximum daylight exposure. Ensure your windows are facing south, and that there are no trees, fences or walls blocking the light.


We advise opting for toughened glass as due to the angle on the windows, as the Perspex and standard glass can easily crack under the pressure of snow and ice.


When buying a Garden Shed, it is worth noting that cheaper models may need extra treatments to make it stand up against rot, insect and weather damage. Our sheds are all made using treated wood and are guaranteed to protect against rot and weather damage for 10 years. The better you maintain your shed, the longer it will last. To keep your shed in tip-top condition free of rot and damage from insects and weather, we recommend spraying it with a good base coat once it has been assembled, and then re-treating it every 12 months.


Once you are in your new shed, you will want to make it a pleasant space to work in. Here’s a few basic tips to get the most out of your new shed…


It is advisable to get some form of heating for your potting shed as not only will it make for a more comfortable environment for you but many plants require a warmer temperature in order to grow. Calor gas or parafin heaters make a good solution for sheds and outhouses, or you may want to consider
running an electric cable through to the shed and getting an electric heater.


Sheds can get very dark during winter, so you may wish to think about investing in a decent light if you are spending a bit of time in the place. A tube light you can plug into the mains can offer a very evenly spaced amount of light for working in, or alternatively there are some excellent LED lights available that do not require electricity. A handy tip is to always keep a high-powered torch at the entrance in case of an emergency.


Our gardening sheds all come with a purpose built shelf fitted beneath the windows, ideal for placing all of your pots and at a good height for working at. However, you may wish to consider extra shelving for storage. Shelves which you can fit to the walls are the best option to prevent them from falling over, or heavy duty steel shelving is another secure choice. Pegboards also make a very versatile and space-saving solution for organizing your gardening tools.

Hopefully this guide will help you get the most out of your new Potting Shed and allow you to get a good many years of enjoyment. A potting shed can be a magical haven for you to relax and enjoy year round, or it can be purely functional, and there is no shortage of inspiration on the web for decorating the inside of your new space.

Shed Shelving

Happy winter gardening ????