All SHED MONKEY garden building and products are supplied in flat pack form with all the necessary instructions and fixings ready for DIY assembly. Garden building are delivered directly to your postal address by our highly trained and competent logistics staff, confirmation of all delivery dates are pre-arranged at least 1 week in advance by telephone giving you plenty of notice. If you include our Eco Base grid kit with your order, this will be delivered directly from the manufacturer within 48 hours by an independent courier service 'excluding weekends'.


> Our FREE delivery is kerbside only. You will need appropriate space as close to your kerbside as possible for our driver to deliver succesfully.

> All ou our garden buildings are delivered on a vehicle up to the size of  7.5 Tonne Flatbed ( normally 3.5 Tonne Flatbed ), in single panels and unloaded by hand on arrival.

> The movement of the delivered garden building beyond kerbside is the responsibility of the customer unless discussed otherwise prior to your delivery. In any case, movement of the panels beyond kerbside is at the driver's discretion and the driver will need to assess access on arrival in order to ensure that he or she can safely move the panels to your requested location beyond the kerbside.

> The driver will not carry panels through your property as he or she is not insured to do so.


All deliveries must be signed for unless confirmation is provided before delivery that the product can be left without a signature. Please see the terms & conditions section for further information.


Where you see ‘FREE’ delivery we will endeavor to deliver your garden building to you within the number of working days as marked for that individual garden building. Whilst every effort will be made to meet this lead-time delivery dates cannot be guaranteed and can vary to be both later as well as earlier than this guide time. There will be no delivery charge for this service providing you are based within the stated free delivery postcode zone.


AL St. Albans, B Birmingham, BA Bath, BB Blackburn, BD Bradford, BH Bournemouth, BL Bolton, BN Brighton, BR Bromley, BS Bristol, CA Carlisle, CB Cambridge, CF Cardiff, CH Chester, CM Chelmsford, CO Colchester, CR Croydon, CT Canterbury, CV Coventry, CW Crewe, DA Dartford, DE Derby, *DG Dumfries (DG1-8, 10-16), DH Durham, DL Darlington, DN Doncaster, DY Dudley, E London East, EC London East Central, EH Edinburgh, EN Enfield, *FK Falkirk (FK1-6), FY Blackpool, *G Glasgow (G1-5, 11-15, 20-23, 31-34, 40-46, 51-62, 64-82), GL Gloucester, GU Guilford, HA Harrow, HD Huddersfield, HG Harrogate, HP Hemel Hempstead, HR Hereford, HU Hull, HX Halifax, IG Ilford, IP Ipswich, KA Kilmarnock, KT Kingston upon Thames, L Liverpool, LA Lancaster, LD Llandrindod, LE Leicester, LL Llandudno, LN Lincoln, LS Leeds, LU Luton, M Manchester, ME Medway, MK Milton Keynes, ML Motherwell, N London North, NE Newcastle, NG Nottingham, NN Northampton, NP Newport, NR Norwich, NW London North West, OL Oldham, OX Oxford, *PA Paisley (PA1-19), PE Peterborough, *PO Portsmouth (mainland), PR Preston, RG Reading, RH Redhill, RM Romford, S Sheffield, SE London South East, SG Stevenage, SK Stockport, SL Slough, SM Sutton, SN Swindon, SO Southampton, SP Salisbury, SR Sunderland, SS Southend on Sea, ST Stoke on Trent, SW London South West, SY Shrewsbury, TA Taunton, TD Galashiels, TF Telford, TN Tonbridge, TS Cleveland, TW Twickenham, UB Southall, W London West, WA Warrington, WC London West Central, WD Watford, WF Wakefield, WN Wigan, WR Worcester, WS Walsall, WV Wolverhampton, YO York.



*DG Dumfries (DG9), *DT Dorchester (DT9-11), *EX Exeter (EX1-16, 24), *FK Falkirk (FK7-13), *G Glasgow (G63, 83, 84), *KY Kirkaldy (KY3-4, 11-12), *PL Plymouth (PL1-9, 21), *TQ Torquay (TQ1-7, 9-12).

Note* Timescales within our chargeable areas may take longer than our estimated timescale due to the density of orders in each particular postal zone, for more information call our sales team on 0333 577 9400.



AB Aberdeen, DD Dundee, *DT Dorchester (DT1-8), *EX Exeter (EX17-23, 31-39), *FK Falkirk (FK14-21), IV Inverness, KW Kirkwall, *KY Kirkaldy (KY1-2, 5-10, 13-16), *PA Paisley (PA20-78), PH Perth, *PL Plymouth (PL10-20, 22-35), *PO Isle Of Wight (offshore), SA Swansea, *TQ Torquay (TQ8, 13), TR Truro.

If you live in the chargeable or excluded post code areas please do call our sales team on 0333 577 9400 and ask about availability to these areas, We never like to say no!