Apex Garden Sheds

The apex range of sheds are the most popular and thought of when your thinking about a new garden shed. The roof styles are pitched in a ‘V’ shape to create extra internal ridge height allowing extra taller access through a single or double door positioned on the gable elevation.

You normally expect windows to be located in the eaves elevation, except on the Value Range, Bike Stores or Tool Sheds, down the one side.

Shed Monkey Apex Sheds range in size from 5’ x 4‘ up to 20’ x 10′

Pent Garden Sheds

The Pent Shed range changes the positioning of the garden shed layout compared to the apex shed styles. The main difference from the apex roof style is a single sloping roof with the highest point being situated normally at the front of the shed, this design reduces the rear elevation in height compared to the front elevation.

Access is normally gained from the front of the shed as opposed to the gable ends of the apex shed but some pent sheds can have the door in the sloping gable. Windows are normally located on the same front panel as the door to the left side on standard shed layouts.

Shed Monkey Pent Sheds range in size from 2’6″’ x 6‘ up to 12’ x 8’.

Shiplap Garden Sheds

Shiplap wall cladding is a machined board with a tongue and groove allowing the board to slot together for an all weather proof shed, we only use high grade boarding for our sheds.

The design allows the wall cladding to be a very tight fit reducing shrinkage and wind resistance, meaning that our garden sheds with a tongue and grooved shiplap finish are built to last.

Shed Monkey Shiplap Sheds are 12mm or 15mm thick depending on the model.

Overlap Garden Sheds

Overlap sheds are normally considerably cheaper than the shiplap range but still feature a quality graded 9mm sawn timber board with a rustic look and feel, the build process is slightly different by overlapping the board to the one beneath.

Overlap sheds are very popular so we must ensure no rainwater leaks into the garden shed. Most companies use a much thinner cladding than our 9mm, more like fencing material. We strongly advise you to compare our Overlap sheds with any of the competition ones to see the difference.

You will find our Overlap sheds to be competitive.